Haynet // Round Bale // Mesh 30 mm // Typ 1 // Kontless PP 4 mm

Haynet for round bales without knots in 30 mm mesh polypropylene
PLEASE NOTE: Mesh size 30mm is really small - it can happen that horses have difficulty getting the hay out of the net. We recommend using the 30mm mesh size only for ponies or horses that need to follow a diet.

Material: 4 mm polypropylene, 100% recyclable and OEKO-TEX® certified, all edges reinforced and bound
Available colors: Green
Mesh size: 30 mm (measured under maximum Tension)
Closure cord : Spiral rope in 11 mm polypropylene, beige (supplied with delivery)
Model: Type 1 - Partial cover for bales with a diameter of 1m50 (net length 1m40) or 1m70 (net length 1m40), as well as all smaller sizes.

Size // Materiel thickness 
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