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Equizaum® - the perfect all-rounder

The Equizaum® is a cavesson, headcoller, sidepull, boveçon in one piece. It is handmade from biothane by Equimero® according to your personal creation. The Equizaum® can also be extended by add-on parts to be used as a snaffle, snaffle with seperation or bitless bridle!

Design your unique Equizaum® from 28 different colours of biothane for each individual strap, 22 colours of padding, personalisation through lettering and logo, as well as an optimal adaptation to the anatomy of the horse and your needs through many extras!

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Type of neck piece

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Configurator of Equizaum®


  • Nose circumference : 2 fingers under the zygomatic bone, ponys ca. 1 to 1.5 fingers wide and heavy horses around 3 fingers, (pink "1"), straight around the nose (points light blue)

  • 2 fingers under the zygomatic bone, ponys ca. 1 to 1.5 fingers wide and heavy horses around 3 fingers (pink "1"), and on the extended imaginary line of the corner straight around the neck (white dots)

  • Measure the meeting point between the front half of the eye and the imaginary elongated mouth gap (pink "2") and then just above the deepest point of the jaw (green dots).

Fiberglass Noseband

The add-on pieces

Personalization with text (optional)

This text will be applied on the left cheeck piece
Please choose between the options and send your picture to post@cheval-ami.fr

Other notes on the order

Bitte füllen Sie noch die rot markierten Felder aus, damit wir Ihren Wunsch-Equizaum vollständig realisieren können! ☺
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Germany : € 5.90
France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark : € 8.90
Europe : € 19.90

Delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of payment, comes with DHL GoGreen

Every Equizaum® comes with all 5 rings on top of the noseband and 1 ring on at the bottom!

On many cavesson, the cheek straps are too close to the eye or press on the nerve endings, which emerge directly under the cheekbone (at the so-called foramen). These weak points are now a thing of the past thanks to an ingenious way of adaptation. The cheek straps of the Equizaum® can be moved up and down by approx. 4 cm thanks to a passage on the noseband and fixed between the nose pad and the noseband using Velcro. The ganache strap can be moved on the cheek strap and can therefore be adjusted in height.

The size

Precise anatomical adaptation due to a tailor-made size concept:

Select the appropriate nose, neck and ganache circumference in the configurator. The more precise the measurements, the better your equizaum fits the horse! Therefore, please pay attention to our measurement information as accurately as possible, measure several times if necessary and compare the results. Mark the important points (pink) on the head with small stickers or pieces of adhesive tape. You will find a size chart to print here. So you can take it with you into the stables.

Neck Patches® - pressure relief in the sensitive neck area

For each Equizaum you first select the shape of the neck piece. You can choose between the classic Biothane neck strap with replaceable Sympanova padding or neck patches, to which a browband can be attached.

The Neck Patches® interrupt the line from the mouth to the ears. The resulting distribution of pressure on the anatomical pad cushions prevents punctual loading. The Neck Patches® are connected to each other via a length-adjustable bar in order to be able to adjust an optimum position individually to the horse. The area directly behind the horse's ears is rounded and the cut is selected so that the soft underside is pulled upwards to additionally prevent a seam edge from pressing against the sensitive back of the ears from behind.

The nose bow - an added value

Formed from a special glass fibre texture, the nose bow is light as a feather.

Embedded in the soft, proven Sympanova upholstery, the nose bow ensures an even richer fit for the equizaum and an even more precise aid for lunge work. Of course we do NOT use iron for our nose bow. After numerous tests with various prototypes made of different materials, we decided to use a special glass fibre texture that guarantees sufficient flexibility, but also sufficient stability and is also light as a feather. In addition, the material does not splinter in the event of a break, so there is no risk of injury.

Attachment "Bithanger" - conversion to snaffle in seconds

There are 2 D-rings on the jaw straps of the Equizaum for attaching the bithangers. In this way the Equizaum® can also be used with a bit like a classic snaffle.
Soft" attachment - with and without bit at the same time

For the parallel use of sidepull and bridle, well suited e.g. for inexperienced riders or young horses and for switching to bitless riding.

Attachment part "Bitless-Bridle" - bitless bridle via pressure on the ganashes

The Bitless Bridle Strap is attached to the rings on the cheek strap, crossed around at the bottom and passed through the side rings on the noseband.

All attachments, extras, reins, Neck Patches®, matching lunges and changeable pad sets can be reordered at any time. Here you will find all innovative ideas from Equimero®.

You will find a constantly growing number of photos of the many unique Equizäume on our Facebook page, here.

Note : Due to the light conditions during product photography and the different screen settings, the product color cannot be authentically reproduced, either in the photos or on the online configurator.

Important : Subsequent extension / conversion of the modules after reception are not possible.

Warning : Fluorescent colours may stain.

Equizaum® Equizaum® Equizaum® Equizaum® Equizaum® Equizaum® Equizaum® Equizaum® Equizaum® Equizaum®

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