Cheval Ami – Phyto-CoZin


Increased levels of bis-chelate (bound to glycine) copper and zinc, as found in plants. Sufficient copper and zinc for 1 horse for 50 days. Daily measure = 3g

Formulated after consultation with leading bare foot trimmers. Provides 999mg of zinc and 333mg of copper in bisglycinate form, for greater bioavailability, as there is no competition at the binding sites with iron only small amounts are needed, making this a very economic daily mineral supplement.

0.2 kg (214,50€/kg)
3 x 0.2 kg (599,50€/kg)

Shipping - Free shipping from 5 items on (excl. feed et hay boxes)

Germany : € 5.90
France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark : € 8.90
Europe : € 19.90

Delivery time is 2 to 7 days after receipt of payment, comes with DHL GoGreen

Each measure supplies:

  • 333mg bisglycinate copper
  • 999mg zinc chelate

The copper and zinc bisglycinate consist of a bivalent metal ion, namely Cu+2and Zn+2, linked to two molecules of glycine. The metal is bound to the carboxyl group and to the α-amino group of glycine with coordinate covalent bonds to form two heterocyclic rings. The 1:2 metal to ligand ratio significantly reduces interaction/competition with other inhibitors, including iron, to reduce absorption, neither do bisglycinates participate in oxidation reactions, this means a lower dose can be given than other copper/zinc supplements including those containing bioplex, (bound to an amino acid).

A level scoop of Phyto-Cozin will deliver 3g (1 scoop), This is recommended for horses thought to be lacking in copper and zinc, but a lower daily dose is recommended for maintenance (1/2 scoop).

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