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Phyto G.I.

The equine gastro intestinal tract is home to a diverse and complex population of microbes, that evolve, live, eat, co-operate or compete to ferment and degrade the many different components of the horse’s diet.

The microbial community comprises archaea, protozoa and fungi as well as the bacteria. As more scientific knowledge becomes available on "Who's in there?" and how this community is affected by the modern diet it becomes apparent that a pro and prebiotic needs to provide support to the whole community not just the bacterial population. If you suspect an imbalance in the hind gut then this product is essential.

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‘Make no sudden changes in diet’ is the golden rule of feeding, but many modern feed ingredients have widely varying levels of components and quality, often with very little or no natural nutritive value.
Equine Diets have changed rapidly and radically whilst the equine gastrointestinal system still has the genetic profile of its ancestors including the inheritance of the gut bacteria. For the horse to be nourished the members of the equine microbiota must be nourished first.

If our horses hadn’t lost the plant biodiversity from the fields and hedgerows you wouldn’t need to feed it for their maintenance metabolism.

Gut health depends on plant antioxidants and phyto-nutrients. Most (not all) research for pro/prebiotics and nutrients to support gut health are reliant on studies originating from farm animals needing to produce more, ie. more meat, more milk etc.

Phytorigins approach with Phyto GI is to try to rectify the dietary loss of the variety of important phytonutrients to prevent metabolic dysfunction, allergies, inflammation and obesity, based on knowledge and research of the equine microbiome to

  • support and stabilise the core microbiome community.
  • prevent opportunistic pathogens from taking over, this in turn ensures a healthy gut wall and tight junctions.

No other probiotic has had the benefit of research (using horses) that Phytorigins Phyto-GI has received, enabling us to formulate a unique probiotic able to support, feed and balance the whole of the microbiome.

Remember, it’s not only the bacteria that contribute to a healthy horse, other important members include :

The Protozoa- are important starch digesters, they help prevent hind gut acidosis.

The Archaea- these help to sustain a continuous fermentation process, reducing emissions from the bacteria which clog up the system, encouraging a balance of good bacteria.

The Fungi- produce important amino acid from hay and grass.

Feed to

  • Overweight horses- reducing the gut bacteria that harvest energy rich nutrients and inflammatory bacteria helps reduce fat pads, can be fed with Phytolean and Phytolean+.
  • Horses with dysbiosis- laminitis (not slow onset endocrinopathic laminitis, use Phytolean for this) diarrhoea, runny poos, too much gas (methanogens), discomfort in the hind gut.
  • Footy horses- some horses have higher levels of inflammatory bacteria from the proteobacteria family and an under-expression of firmicutes, rectifying this imbalance seems to restore soundness in the horses we have tested.
  • Horses that are being fed soya hulls or ‘fast’ processed fibre produce less n butyrate, a short chain fatty acid attached to immune function, Phyto G.I supports the bacteria which produce n-butyrate.

Feeding: Feed 1 x 25ml scoop daily (16g) Feed 2 scoops daily if the horse is being fed 3-5 kg’s of hard feed.

Some horses (with low levels of firmicutes) need to be fed Phyto G.I. continuously some horses just need to be given it until the problems above are rectified. Feed continuously if your horse is on a restricted diet.

Holistic Feed Ingredients: Maytenus Illicifolia, Fructo-oligsaccharides, Algae, Β-glucans, Salsepareille Racine
Additives: Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 39885 5mg/kg

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