Cheval Ami – Phytolean® Plus

Phytolean® Plus

For laminitis prone horses and those with short, jarred, pottery movement, contains anti-oxidants extracted from plants.

1 kg (119,90€/kg)
3 kg (109,97€/kg)

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Germany : € 5.90
France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark : € 8.90
Europe : € 19.90

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Horse’s that suffer from repeated bouts of foot soreness brought on by an over rich diet or those horses that are ‘footy’ or short striding will benefit from the addition of a wide range of anti- oxidants. Research has shown that horses stabled for long periods and those with foot problems have low levels of anti- oxidants which help absorb the effects of oxidative stress. Modern diets are short on these vital ingredients and our research has shown the benefits of an addition of these unique natural compounds will benefit and protect against the long term effects of dietary/weight related foot problems.

FEEDING : (1kg = 30days) Two scoops daily morning and evening for thirty days. Then give a half measure as maintenance through the season.

Composition holistique : oxyde de magnésium, bromélaïne, salsepareille de la griffe du chat, racine de bardane, Boswellia Serrata, chardon Marie, épinards, Espinhera Santa

Phytolean® Plus is a proprietary dietary supplement made from plant compounds and originally formulated for use on racehorses because of its positive effect on the stress-activated transduction pathways linked to inflammation, activated by the physiological training programme. In a study by Neville & Hollands (2004) horses with chronic laminitics had three times the amount of free radical damage when compared to non-laminitic horses, even when they had not shown signs of the disease for the last 2 years which is a similar figure to horses subjected to intense physical exercise in various studies (Williams 2004 etc).

Another compound (Carthamasterone A) was added at a later stage to benefit EMS/ laminitic ponies following an independent study on weight loss of over 100 ponies with a (BMI) higher than 3 score are considered to be obese and have Equine Metabolic syndrome with insulin resistance, ( Pollitt and McGowan 2011) and be prone to the potentially fatal disease of laminitis. In one hundred ponies with a BMI score of higher than 3 given an optimum dose of CmA, 40% were scored with a BMI 2 within 2 weeks, with 30% obtaining normal scores within 3 weeks, with another 10% becoming normal within 1 month of the start of the trial. Ecdysones compounds have well documented anti-adipocyte, anti obesity and insulin glucose mediating properties and Phytolean contains a unique compound from a native plant accessible to freely grazing horses.

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