Cheval Ami – Phytolean®


Daily weight management supplement for horses prone to EMS and laminitis.

May support normal blood glucose levels and diminishes adipose tissue.


0,5 kg (139,80€/kg)
1.5 kg (126,60€/kg)

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May aid in the reduction of ‘fat pads’ and ‘cresty necks’. Horse owners today are concerned about their horse’s weight especially as the latest figures indicate that over 55% of horses are overweight. Being overweight or obese causes health problems and often leads to endocrinopathic laminitis, insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome and eventually onto Cushings. Managing the diet can be difficult especially if the horse is on a prolonged stable routine with little or limited exercise. The way forward is to include in the diet a range of natural plant compounds with strong anti -oxidant effects which are able to help reduce the size of the fat deposits and that can be added to the normal daily feed ration. Phytolean can be fed continuously or as a course to help aid in the decrease of fat mass. (fat pads and cresty necks)

FEEDING: Add 1 scoop daily to the normal feed.

Holistic Composition: Magnesium Oxide, Chenopodium Album, Espinhera Santa
Additives: Zinc Chelate E4a21 5mg/Kg Copper Bilysinate E3b411 16mg/Kg

There has been an increase in the numbers of horses that are overweight or obese, leading to health problems including Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Laminitis, Joint Disease and Cushings recent figures show 55% of horses are affected, this number is expected to rise over the next few years. Obesity is seen as a disease of our time and the study of obesity in humans and animals is a new and emerging science. Recent research has revealed that adipose (fat) tissue is able to produce harmful and inflammatory chemicals which predispose the horse to ill health and disease.

Equine Metabolic Syndrome precedes many disease states and is a condition in which the tissues become insensitive or unable to absorb glucose, creating abnormal insulin and glucose levels in the blood. Glucose is toxic in large quantities and excessive insulin triggers laminitis.

The answer is to both problems of excessive fat and raised insulin/glucose levels is to control the horse's food intake and increase exercise but it can be difficult to shift the abnormal fat pads on the neck, shoulders and around the tail and difficult also to reduce insulin levels. The reason for this is that the adipose tissue is a separate organ and part of the endocrinopathic (hormone) system. Whilst this tissue exists it will continue to transmit information to the body concerning weight gain, energy levels and appetite, it will also predispose towards ill health and disease.

Phytolean contains a natural plant compound therefore it would be beneficial to add a dietary compound to support normal insulin/glucose and diminish adipose tissue in a natural manner in a way similar to eating benecol to lower cholestrol

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