Cheval Ami – RELAX Hepatic

RELAX Hepatic


The effictive treatement of horse's fungal diseases without side effects.

100% natural

Simply spray or dab the affected skin areas. After a few days you'll see improvement. Relax Hepatic should not be missed in any stable's pharmacy.

For external use only!

500 ml (0,03€/ml)
1000 ml (0,02€/ml)
5000 ml (0,02€/ml)

Shipping - Free shipping from 5 items on (excl. feed et hay boxes)

Germany : € 4.90
France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark : € 8.90
Europe : € 19.90

Delivery time is 2 to 7 days after receipt of payment, comes with DHL GoGreen

comimg soon...

RELAX Hepatic

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