Cheval Ami – Luca Moneta // Virtual Riding and Horse School
Cheval Ami – Luca Moneta // Virtual Riding and Horse School
Cheval Ami – Luca Moneta // Virtual Riding and Horse School

Luca Moneta // Virtual Riding and Horse School

«Make a video of maximum 10 minutes (on the ground or horseback riding) which will be transfered to me. Add your question and thoughts to explain what you want to improve and what you like to work on in linked to your video.

I'll watch it and send you a detailed voice feedback by Whatsapp, in which I will give you my opinion, practical tips and ideas to be able to get a quick and efficient but harmonious communication with your horse.»

You will also receive a document, in which you will find Luca's "No-Method". Its important points are:

  • Always ask yourself why: Never let yourself be influenced by dogmas, but always ask yourself what your motivation is to ask for something
  • The horse is the real instructor: Listen, how the horse responds to our actions
  • No judgment- not to ourselves, not to the horses, not to the students


Luca Moneta gives feedback on

  • all your training videos
  • Jumping
  • Horsemanship

The video can not be longer than 10 minutes.
Luca can send his feedback in italian, french and english. German is possible as an option, for a fee, through a translator.


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About Luca Maria Moneta

Life among horses started for me thanks to my brother Peter, an award-winning endurance rider.

At the age of fifteen I began to specialize in show jumping and three years later I attended the equestrian school of Pratoni del Vivaro to become a Federal Instructor.

I graduated with flying colours and won a scholarship on Eventing. Then I moved to Northern Italy where I started to work in many riding schools. Up to the year 2000, I was much more an instructor than a rider but in my spare time I tried to devote myself to the improvement of my riding technique. It was not until I was thirty, that I entered my first Grand Prix. At that time, my professor was the famous Italian rider Giorgio Nuti.

Today I’m a third level instructor and a professional rider, member of the Italian team in many Nations Cup, European and World Championships, and since 2009 I’ve been taking part in CSI5* shows (World Cup, Global Champions Tour, and other big international shows).

But what is more important for me is my relationship with horses. It was 1999 and I was reading an article on a horse magazine, when I chanced upon a picture of an English rider who was jumping a tank on a horse bareback and bridleless. I felt completely bewitched by it and I started to look for more information about what horsemanship was about.

I met the Parelli method, I studied ethology and, most important, I started to call myself into question. I understood that there’s so much more satisfaction in winning a competition when my horses are on my side and from that day on I looked for a better relationship with them. I have been in the States with Pat and Linda Parelli, I’m friendly with Michel Robert, George Morris and with many other famous horsemen. It’s from them that I learned what I needed to complete my growth as a horseman.

My objective is to practise this sport with a natural approach, as it is the only one you share with an animal. For this reason I continue to tell my students that if one day we stepped in a riding centre it was because of the love for horses: we must not forget it, shows and results come after and should always come after. Our heart should keep beating as the first time we met a horse. I feel very grateful to Neptune Brecourt, Jesus de la Commune and Connery who made me learn so much.

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