Advantages of Duplo Composite Shoes

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Advantages of Duplo Composite Shoes -

Solid Metal Inlay
Thanks to its solid metal inlay, the Duplo Horseshoe is torsion-free and keeps its shape for a long time. This contributes to the long-life cycle of the horseshoe and prevents the sole from getting pressurized.

Reliable Nail Holes
The nail holes are integrated into the metal inlay. This makes sure that the nail head cannot slip through the nail hole. The nails sit tightly even during irregular movements. As the oblong nail holes are positioned at 90 degrees to the white line, it is possible to place each nail individually and to adjust the horseshoe to irregular hoof shapes.

Shock-Absorbing Synthetic Cover
Thanks to the relatively soft synthetic cover, shock and high-frequency vibrations caused by the hoof's impact on the ground are considerably reduced; the horse benefits from a very comfortable walking experience.

Minimized Risk of Injury
The softer material and the round edges of the Duplo Horseshoe reduce the risk of injuries in herds and in case of irregular movements in comparison to a conventional hoof protection or the sharp-edged border of a bare hoof.

Protection of the Ground
With a regular Duplo Horseshoe without spikes and studs, there is no contact between metal and ground because the nail heads are embedded in the synthetic material. If you ride sensibly, sensitive ground (e.g. asphalt streets or historical clinker pavement) will hardly be damaged by Duplo Horseshoes.

Stimulation of the Hoof Mechanism
The flexibility of the synthetic material encourages the natural horizontal and vertical flexibility of the hoof capsule. In addition, the bar in the heel area supports the blood circulation in the frog. The natural hoof mechanism is stimulated by Duplo Horseshoes.

Weight Reduction
A regular Duplo Horseshoe is less heavy than a conventional horseshoe with equivalent supplementary equipment (bar in the heel area + shock-absorbing inlay + snow grip). The reduced weight is joint-friendly.

Orthopedic and Therapeutic Options
The Duplo Horseshoe is ideal for difficult hooves and can be used in case of various diagnoses.

Near-Natural Anti-Slide Protection
The anti-slide behavior of the Duplo Horseshoe is comparable to a barefoot horse's and therefore more natural than the elongated sliding phase of a conventional metal horseshoe.

Ideal Horseshoe in Winter
The molded synthetic rim of some Duplo models reduces the amount of snow and debris accumulated. If necessary, you can add spikes or studs to the horseshoe.

Secure Fit
The knobs on the hoof side are pressed into the hoof wall and prevent the horseshoe from twisting out of position. In addition, some models are equipped with quarter clips which also ensure a secure fit.

The high wear resistance of the materials ensures low abrasion even during intensive use. In certain circumstances, it is even possible to use the same horseshoe more than once.

Simple Application
The correct application of the Duplo Horseshoe is easy if your farrier has the necessary knowledge of and competence in nailing and clinching horseshoes and considers certain aspects while doing this. There isn't any special equipment necessary - you can use standard tools and horseshoe nails.

Individual Modifications
Your farrier can precisely adjust the Duplo Horseshoe to the individual hoof shape with numerous modifications and therefore react accordingly to the needs of each horse. For example, it's easy to rasp or bend a toe rocker which improves breakover.

Wide Range of Sizes
Thanks to a wide range of sizes, even very small and very large horses benefit from Duplo Horseshoes.

Reasonable Price-Performance Ratio
A regular Duplo Horseshoe costs less than a conventional horseshoe with equivalent features (bar in the heel area + shock-absorbing inlay + snow grip). That way, Duplo Horseshoes are a real alternative even in economic terms!