The LaBona ALIZÉE riding pad was developed in close cooperation with our long-term partner Alizée Froment. The result is an elegant riding pad especially for dressage riding.

The value of effective ingredients, as well as the possible contamination by pollutants, varies greatly in plants and herbs. In order to achieve the desired enhancement of the feed, a high quality of the plants is of fundamental importance!

At CHEVAL AMI we therefore only offer herbs and herbal mixtures of the best organic quality.

Our all-time favourite hoof shoes: Floating Boots!

We are pleased to have the entire range constantly available at low prices and immediately from stock.

Our all-time favourite care series: Relax Bio Care!

Highly effective with the use of purely natural active ingredients. No use of palm and mineral oils or artificial colourings. GMO-free. And with the sole exception of the use of beeswax and propolis in a few products, Relax care products are vegan.