Benefits of the BEMER Horse-Set (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation)

Benefits of the BEMER Horse-Set (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) -

Microcirculation: Small blood vessels. Big impact. To ensure the body’s cells get what they need.

My decision: Make the most of every day and ensure the best possible quality of life for my horse. Knowing that I am providing the best possible for my horse. Ensuring it feels comfortable and relaxed. I want to seize this opportunity. Understanding what the equine body can achieve. Witnessing how the body regenerates. The secret to success? Microcirculation. With the BEMER Horse-Set.

Microscopic in size.

Microcirculation occurs in the area of the smallest blood vessels and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Nevertheless, it has a huge effect on the health and performance of your horse. Why? Because this is where the body’s metabolic processes take place. Cells are supplied with nutrients in order to optimally fulfil their natural tasks, and the metabolic by-products are disposed of. A healthy microcirculation is therefore essential for your horse’s all-round wellbeing.

Veterinarian with horse

What happens if the microcirculation is restricted?

When microcirculation is not functioning reliably in one area, the exchange of substances between blood and tissue in that area is impaired. This means that the surrounding cells may not be sufficiently supplied with oxygen and nutrients, and metabolic waste products may not be adequately removed. This impairs the function and performance capacity of the affected body cells and the organ systems formed by these cells. The horse's regeneration suffers. Therefore, we can say: The functional state of an organ system is largely determined by the functional state of its microcirculation. Here, horse owners, horse physiotherapists, and veterinarians around the world have had positive experiences with the BEMER Horse-Set. Because the specific BEMER signal can demonstrate its effect in various fields of application: Very often mentioned are, for example, the promotion of regeneration and relaxation after an intense training session or a tournament, the improvement of loosening up, the positive effect on back pain as well as before and after operations.⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾⁽³⁾⁽⁵⁾⁽⁶⁾

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There are many good reasons to choose BEMER

BEMER improves restricted blood flow in the smallest vessels – and is thus an effective treatment for the whole body. It can produce a positive effect in many application areas.

  • Lack of energy: A persistent lack of energy in its cells could cause a decline in your horse’s general physical and mental performance.
  • Immune system: The immune system needs to be strengthened to reduce the animal’s susceptibility to infection
  • Organ dysfunction: Otherwise, restricted organ functions may open the door to secondary diseases.
  • Disease progression: It is important to ensure that the horse can manage the progression of any existing conditions.
  • Healing: Disorders of the microcirculation slow down recovery and healing processes. Persistent impaired wound healing can also occur.
  • Stress: The key is to reduce stress, which can negatively impact the wellbeing and health of horses.

Microcirculation research

Horse Stroking

Microcirculation has only recently come into the focus of research. Numerous scientists have since been studying this smallest part of circulation in elaborate studies. We too support many research institutes in their work and have advanced several studies of our own to better understand how the blood system can be optimally supported. The effect of the BEMER Horse-Set has also been a part of various scientific investigations.

Dr. med. vet. Stephan Leser - Veterinarian & Clinic Manager

"Deep anesthesia, surgeries that can last several hours... This technology from BEMER has a significant effect, it makes my work easier, and holds potential for all veterinarians and driving practitioners. I use it before, during, and after surgeries, in everyday clinical routine. We can clearly observe that the horses are more calm before the operation, they relax, and are significantly deeper in anesthesia. Our study is the scientific proof that the system serves to increase microcirculation. Also, the simplicity and the durability of the BEMER Horse-Set impresses me. Evidence for the effect? I see it in about 1,000 surgeries yearly."

Dr. Stephan Leser

Taken a step further. And to the next level.

The BEMER application represents an evolution of magnetic field therapy. It has a physically targeted and specific effect on blood vessels and parts of the vascular system. However, this effect is not achieved via the magnetic field itself, but instead via a signal configuration that is transported by the magnetic field, which makes it unique. The BEMER application could therefore also be described as pulsating magnetic field therapy.

The Horse-Set and its effects

Good to know. And good for your horse.

Health and wellbeing on the same wavelength. The base signal on which the BEMER application is based generates a very low-frequency magnetic field (30 Hz), which is completely harmless to the organism – both human and equine. Even a computer generates a magnetic field of a higher frequency!

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Your horse deserves it

The BEMER Horse-Set is an innovative application that has a targeted and specific effect on blood vessels and parts of the vascular system, and is used to improve restricted microcirculation.⁽³⁾ Veterinarians, clinic managers, and equine physiotherapists are aware of the comprehensive application examples, the application, and reported experiences with BEMER – and value the potential of the Horse-Set. The basic principle? Pulsating magnetic field therapy – although based on magnetic field therapy, it does not achieve its effect via the magnetic field itself, but instead via a signal configuration that is transported by the magnetic field. The effectiveness of this BEMER application has been the subject of various scientific studies.⁽³⁾ And BEMER lets you dispense with chemical substances and their potential side effects as far as possible.⁽³⁾

Where the BEMER Horse-Set can be used


Without relaxation, nothing proceeds with training. For one thing is certain: Only a physically and mentally relaxed horse can deliver its full performance. If the horse cannot "let go" in the long term, this not only has a negative impact on training, but also on the animal's health condition. In order for the horse to use its musculature as optimally as possible with a swinging back, the horse should be assisted in relaxing. Various warm-up and training exercises can help with this. And, improvement in relaxation can also be achieved through the use of BEMER.⁽¹⁾⁽⁵⁾⁽⁶⁾

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Effective breeding

The BEMER Horse-Set can produce some truly remarkable results when it comes to breeding, too. It can improve the sexual behavior of stallions, for example: Overactive stallions are calmed down, while inactive stallions are stimulated. This obviously makes things safer for both the horse and the handler during the breeding process. What’s more, the likelihood of successful semen collection is also increased, while helping to ensure a more uniform semen quality in breeding stallions.⁽⁴⁾

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Parasympathetic nervous system

While the sympathetic nervous system prepares the horse for mental and physical performance, its counterpart, the parasympathetic nervous system, is responsible for rest and regeneration. The so-called relaxation nerve boosts digestion and replenishes energy reserves. It becomes active when the animal is at rest. This is how you can help your horse. In addition to other types of treatment such as massages, the BEMER Horse-Set can also support this process. The BEMER blanket can cover a large part of the horse’s musculature. It thus allows the application to affect the horse’s entire body. The microcirculation is improved by the gentle impulses – the smallest vessels are supplied with blood and cell maintenance is stimulated. What does this mean for your horse? The Horse-Set can support parasympathetic processes in the organism and thus promote regeneration and relaxation.⁽¹⁾⁽⁵⁾⁽⁶⁾

Parasympathetic nervous system


The BEMER Horse-Set can be a valuable aid both before and following surgery: Complementary use of the BEMER application can improve the horse’s response to anesthesia during surgery. What’s more, the Horse-Set can aid recovery following surgery. User observations reveal that horses spend more time lying on their side, relax better, and stand up more steadily.⁽²⁾⁽³⁾

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