100% Natural feed

All feeds in this category are produced without any artificial additives. This means that they are also not mineralised or vitaminised. All values of the analytical ingredients are exclusively of natural origin.

We have categorised foods with and without grain here. Grain is part of a plant, it remains a gift of nature and, in moderation, is a valuable component of a species-appropriate, natural diet. There were over 1000 different plant species on the horse's natural menu. Diversity is key :)

We are happy to ship all our feeds as well mixed on pallets from 350kg on. Please contact us at post@cheval-ami.de for a free quote within 48 hours. You can also join our Facebook group "Commandes groupées AGROBS® & St Hippolyt®" to connect with other customers from your region to save money and protect the environment at the same time.


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