Biothane by Equimero®

All our Biotane products come from the German-based manufacturer Equimero®.?

Some of their innovative products have won several awards! All products are self-developed unique pieces, which are lovingly handcrafted according to the customer's wishes. Biothane has the following characteristics

  • Leather-like structure (polyester fabric with a PU coating) and leather-like grip combined with the advantages of a synthetic fabric
  • Easy to clean - simply with water and a sponge or brush, or in a wash bag on a gentle cycle at 30°
  • No fading of colours, UV light resistant
  • Tear resistance of at least 180kg/cm2
  • Remains flexible even in cold weather - does not become hard like leather
  • Does not mould or absorb moisture
  • Can be easily disinfected so that bacteria do not stick to it

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