NATÜRLICH PFERD ("Natural Horse") is a family business in Austria that has been certified organic since 2016. It produces only natural and organic products.

Katrin Skaletz develops and produces all feed supplements in the best organic quality and with consideration of a self-created law of purity.

Katrin has been in love with horses since her childhood. She has been trained in the nutrition of natural species by great horsemen in various equestrian enterprises. All her life she has participated in courses, completed tests and "Reitabzeichen" (gallops). Afterwards she started intensive studies in the phytotherapeutic virtues of plants and veterinary subjects. Today she has a great deal of knowledge at her disposal, which she would like to share with others and develop a diet that respects the sensitive metabolism of horses.

Natürlich Pferd's law of purity

Do you calculate your daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements? Do you always take vitamin pills? Do you cook at home with synthetic additives such as alpha-Tocopheryl acetate (synthetic vitamin E), Ascorbylphosphate (synthetic vitamin C), Pyridoxolhydrochloride (synthetic vitamin B6), Sodium Selenite (synthetic selenium), Copper Sulphate,... to meet your vital substance requirements? Do you mix molasses (sugar) in every meal for a better taste?


As with humans, a balanced and varied diet is important for horses too, to keep them fit and healthy into old age. Natürlich Pferd products only use natural, organically grown or certified wild harvested materials that are found in the natural nutrition of horses: meadow grasses and herbs, alfalfa, grasses, fruits, roots, leaves, seeds and bark.

In all "Bio Natur Pur ..." products we consistently dispense with the use of artificial additives, preservatives and synthetic flavourings, perfumes or other lures.

Due to our law of purity, our products have to be more expensive than conventional products, but it is worth it!

For example: The production of herbs and fruits that contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements in organic and natural (!) form is more complex and more expensive, but convinced by its bioavailability. The body can only use natural substances in an optimal way, because it is adapted to them. Due to their low bioavailability, synthetic substances are often overdosed and burden the metabolism and can promote various diseases in the long term.

The quality of the products and the health of the horses are more important to NATÜRLICH PFERD than the cheapest synthetic ingredients! We promise you that!

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