Zéro-six-sept-Ozone Horses is a young...

Zéro-six-sept-Ozone Horses is a young artisanal brand from Aquitaine, France which formulates and produces horse care products based on specific research dedicated to the health of the horse and in respect for the environment. The quality of the ingredients (chestnut tannins, ozonated oils, etc.) and the technical nature of the formulations can treat hoof (Hoofstuff, Fieldpaste, Kastanjasap) and skin (Ozonated Oils) pathologies by using 100% natural, non-invasive but highly effective treatments.

067-Ozone Horses is the leader in ozone treatments using the Bagging Device, which eradicates pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses) present on a horse's limbs in just a few minutes. This patented device makes 067-Ozone Horses one of the leading innovators in equine care.

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