I also started early with the horses....

I also started early with the horses. Lancaster and Tchaco, a Connemara stallion and a pony with lots of blood, carried me through an unforgettably beautiful teenage period. I became a photographer and mother, the job needed many trips, the time at home in Hamburg belonged to my daughter Lucie and I spent some years without horses at my side.

In 2013 we went together for a summer to the southwest of France to see the Château de Justiniac and to create a place of free space and culture. The castle was located in a village with at that time 36 inhabitants, my daughter spent her afternoons in a stable next door and fell in love with the then three-year-old Alicia de Tourtoulou. Alicia was soon standing in the garden, together with a pony and when we wanted to order a hay net, we couldn't find one in France - I started Cheval Ami.
Cheval Ami was founded with little capital and could only grow and still be today with the support of friends. Thank you Trulla, Josue, Ehsan, Susi, Peter and Julien.

Today we are mostly working exclusively with companies whose products we see as a true reference to the friend horse. Our business partners have developed something because they could not find it that good for their own horses anywhere else. Particularly senseful, simple and beautiful. With our own brand " By Cheval Ami " we also develop products under this motto that provide fun to use.

Cheval Ami is based in Hamburg and Lucie also went back to school in Hamburg. Alicia has become my horse and found her home in the Château de Millemont in the southwest of Paris, where in summer I organise artist scholarships in cooperation with the Hamburg Cultural Authority, among other things, so I commute between my two loved ones and the two countries.

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