The different sizes and shapes of the Duplo Horseshoe

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The different sizes and shapes of the Duplo Horseshoe -

The size of a Duplo Horseshoe is always measured at its widest point. The smallest Duplo is currently 98mm wide, the largest one is 198mm. The interval between sizes is 4mm - you will therefore find models of 110mm and 114mm but nothing in-between. If your horse needs an in-between size, you can easily adjust a slightly too large horseshoe with an angle grinder.

Duplo Horseshoes are not only available in numerous sizes but also in three different shapes. The round and STS horseshoes generally fit the front hooves, the oval models are rather made for hind hooves. As always: The exception prooves the rule.

In order to determine the correct Duplo size for your horse, it should be unshoed. The hoof should be correctly trimmed so that a new horseshoe could be applied. If you measure an untrimmed or shoed hoof, you might not get the desirable exact results.

First, use a measuring tape or a ruler to measure the widest point of the hoof's bottom surface which usually is to be found at a short distance behind the frog apex.

Then, take a look at the sole as a whole and decide whether it is rather round or oval.

With these two results - the hoof width in millimeters and the hoof shape - you can choose your favorite Duplo model in your horse's size.

Duplo Templates

With our free Duplo templates, choosing a correctly sized horseshoe gets even easier.

There's one template for round horseshoes, one template for oval horseshoes and one template for STS horseshoes available. Every template consists of two pages in an A4 format that you can print and glue together. You can use the template in various ways:

  • You place the hoof on an empty sheet of paper and trace the hoof shape. Then you cut the shape out and place it on the printed template.
  • You can place the printed template directly on the hoof (or place hoof on the template) and trace the hoof shape.
  • You can glue the printed template on a cardboard to make it more solid, and then trace the hoof shape.
  • You can print the template more than once and cut out the sizes that probably come into consideration. Then, you place the cut-out shapes directly on the hoof. This is the most time-consuming option, but probably also the most reliable one.

Please note: The templates fit our models with quarter clips. The shape of the un-clipped horseshoes varies minimally; however, you can also use the templates for these horseshoes.

Please use the small scale on the templates in order to check your printer settings.

Approximate Dimensions of Duplo Composite Horseshoes

In case you need additional details about the length of the horseshoe, we have measured our Duplo models for you.

Models without Quarter Clips Models with Quarter Clips STS Models
Width Length (round shape) Length (oval shape) Length (round shape) Length (oval shape) Length
98mm - 111mm - 113mm -
102mm 110mm 115mm 112mm 117mm 104mm
106mm 115mm 117mm 117mm 122mm 109mm
110mm 120mm 120mm 120mm 125mm 111mm
114mm 118mm 125mm 125mm 130mm 117mm
118mm 128mm 134mm 128mm 135mm 120mm
122mm 132mm 139mm 132mm 140mm 125mm
126mm 137mm 144mm 137mm 143mm 129mm
130mm 141mm 148mm 141mm 147mm 133mm
134mm 145mm 153mm 145mm 152mm 138mm
138mm 150mm 157mm 150mm 156mm 141mm
142mm 155mm 162mm 154mm 162mm 145mm
146mm 152mm 162mm 160mm 166mm 150mm
150mm 155mm 165mm 163mm 171mm 154mm
154mm 160mm 170mm 167mm 171mm 159mm
158mm 164mm - 173mm 180mm -
162mm - - 178mm 185mm -
166mm - - 182mm 190mm -
170mm - - 185mm (regular) / 186mm (HDS) 193mm (HDS) -
174mm - - 190mm (HDS) 200mm (HDS) -
178mm - - 195mm (HDS) 205mm (HDS) -
182mm - - 199mm (HDS) 207mm (HDS) -
190mm - - 207mm (HDS) 216mm (HDS) -
198mm - - 216mm (HDS) 226mm (HDS) -
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