Aquila Farm

Aquila Farm -

In the countryside of Walloon Brabant - Belgium, Aquila Farm is a place of real tranquillity that welcomes horses for training or revalidation. Located in the middle of big fields, the stable and its atypical architecture reflect authenticity, charm and nature. Wooden buildings, green roofs, greenery, everything has been designed to be as close to nature as possible.

At Aquila Farm, the well-being of the horse is priority. The boxes combine space and light, the possibility of movement and social contact. They are comfortable in size and have an individual paddock adjacent to them. The boxes are airy and free of bars, allowing the horses to see each other and to have contact with other horses, which is an essential factor in their personal development.

Aquila Farm has become a reference in the practice of horse riding, which considers that each horse is unique, that from its youngest age and right up to high level sport, it is by observing it that we understand it best. With this in mind, all the horses are given a varied training programme and care.

The activities of Aquila Farm are mainly divided into 3 branches: revalidation, starting and training and/or development of sport horses. The infrastructure and equipment allow us to offer a service adapted to all horses, regardless of their age or sporting ambition.

In all situations, Aquila Farm tries to work as much as possible with the rider to help him/her understand the animal in the best possible way so that both can leave stronger and with a deeper knowledge.

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