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  • How do I measure the hoof to determine the size?

You should measure the width and length of the unshod hooves a few days after they have been cut.

Hoof width measurement

To take the correct measurement, measure the hoof at its widest point. Remember that the maximum width will not always be at the same point in all hooves, as this depends on the particular shape of the hoof. Be sure to place the tape measure as straight as possible from one side to the other, as a diagonal position of the tape will give incorrect measurements.

Hoof length measurement

This is the measurement from the toe to the heel butresses. To take this measurement correctly you must locate both heel buttresses, which is where the wall of the hoof ends, draw an imaginary straight line between them and take the measurement from this line to the toe of the hoof passing through the centre of the frog. Remember that the length of the hoof does not include the heel bulbs as they will be contained in the heel of the boot and not in the sole. Using a straight ruler or a rasp to mark the line that joins both heel buttresses can help when taking the hoof length measurement.

  • What is the difference between the SPORT and ENDURANCE models?

The endurance sole is suitable for dry ground, while the sport sole is specially designed for wet and muddy.

  • I already have the measurements, what size does my horse need?

The size chart shows a range of measurements for each size. These measurements correspond to the width and length of the hoof. Find the size that fits using these measurements here below.
Each sole can be equipped with different gaiters: -S, -M, -L or -XL. This way we can find the best possible fit for the hoof.
E.g.: Size M0 fits your horse, and he has low / normal bulbs, M0-S will be best for him. If he has rather high bulbs or an irregular hoof shape, we recommand the M0-M.

  • What happens if I receive the boots and they are not the correct size for my horse?

You can change them if they’re not the right size. To ensure they are not damaged in any way, they cannot be changed if they are, you can put the hoof in a thin plastic bag like a sock when you first try them, placing a piece of cardboard or carpet under the sole. If you need to change the size, email us at floatings@cheval-ami.fr

  • Is this boot suitable for irregular-shaped hooves, underrun heels, contracted or asymmetric hooves?

Yes, the boots offers you the possibility of adjustment through heat application, so it can be specially adapted to fit any hoof shape.

  • What colours are available?

The Trainer model comes in all black. Personalisation is possible through easily interchangeable spare parts in other colours. Please find all pieces here.

  • Are all parts of the boot replaceable?

Yes, all parts are replaceable. Please find all pieces here.

  • Can I use a P size (rear-fitting) for my horse’s front hooves?

Yes, P size generally fits rear hooves better due to their typically more elongated shape, however, there are some horses where this is also true of the front hooves.

  • How long do the boots last?

Floating Boots soles are manufactured from polyurethane and high-resistance natural rubber, with a lifetime of up to around 1000km. As always, this is dependent on a number of factors, such as the horse’s weight, the type of ground being ridden on, etc…

  • How do I put the COMPETITION boots on and do I need any extra materials?

In our Competition Glue-On User’s Guide you can find all the necessary information. Also you can check our section of videos and tutorials that demonstrate the process step-by-step. You will need special hoof glue, some glue-mixing cannulas, a glue gun for the bi-component adhesive, gloves, a rasp and cling film.

  • What type of hoof glue will I need?

In our Floating Boots Collection you can find the original glue Floating Boots Ultrafast for the use to glue-on the Competition boot. But also Vettec Superfast or Vettec Adhere are recommended.

  • How long do the competition boots can stay on?

In damp environments 16 days and in dry, about 25 days, although long-term continuous use is not recommended.

  • How many times can I use Competition Glue-On boots?

If you follow the instructions in the Competition Glue-On User’s Guide, they can be taken off and reused up to 3 times.

  • Can I know the size my horse needs without using the Fit Kit?

Yes, although the Fit Kit is a very useful tool for determining the size, if you can’t find a professional who has one, you can also take the hoof measurements manually. You should measure the width and length of the barefoot hoof a few days after trimming. Please scroll up for further informations about how to take the measurements correctly.

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