Test of Lambskin saddle IBERICA

Test of Lambskin saddle IBERICA -

"As my horse is a purebred Spanish, I naturally chose the Iberica lambskin saddle pad, which has a shape similar to Spanish saddles, with wide, raised galleries and a wide saddle flap.

This model has proved to be perfect for my horse with his wide back and provides the comfort I wanted thanks to the sheepskin that covers the whole area that goes with his back! I have not tested the riding pad with a second saddle blanket, but it is apparently possible to put a saddle blanket underneath if desired.

I had no difficulties when saddling, the saddle sits perfectly behind the shoulder. The girth straps are long so that a short girth can be used. A well-defined channel leaves the spine free without being pinched by the rider's weight! It is a thick pad that can still be adapted to the horse's physic, as it is very easy to put inserts inside!

After two hours of (leisurely) riding, my horse's back remained relatively dry despite the heat on this summer afternoon, thanks to the genuine sheepskin, which is often praised for its temperature-regulating effect. For me as the rider, the thickness of the wool was a real comfort compared to classic bareback riding. No more hair getting stuck in my trousers! I immediately found my place. The movements of the horse's back can really be felt, which is very pleasant on the one hand, but can also be confusing if you are not used to riding without a saddle! The thick, rounded saddle flap encloses the lower back perfectly, so you feel well supported.

I tried trotting a few times, the first few steps I was afraid of falling, but then I found it the most comfortable! It's also not bad for working on the seat ☺️ you feel well framed thanks to the galleries. However, if the horse should make a U-turn without warning, I feel there is some danger of slipping off. The handle at the front is a plus for focusing one's place in higher gaits.

I find the riding pad to be very stable, it has stayed in place even during slight climbs and descents (okay, our area is not particularly mountainous, but in my case it hasn't moved).

I also took the time to test the lambskin saddle in the arena. I liked the feeling of being so close to my horse, I could feel all the movements of the back and judge with a lot of sensitivity the use of the hind legs during a leg work or the curvature of the back during training. I could even feel when Insolente was about to make pipi.

If you are used to ride without a saddle and are looking for a lambskin riding pad to make you and your horse more comfortable, this model from Christ seems to me to be ideal! To give you a treat now and then on a ride or to work on your seat it is equally suitable, it is a nice discovery!"

- Many thanks to J Guy for the comment and E. Goutmann from Equi-Event for the photos -