Floating Boots provides a system of hoof...

Floating Boots provides a system of hoof protection for horses in regard of the Natural Hoof Care philosophy with attention to the natural biomechanics of equine. Inherited from the Barefoot and inspired by Mustang Horses in USA, this technic is used more and more by trimmers, recommended by vets and tested successfully by endurance riders in competition, focus on the horses health and wellbeing.

The decrease of the vibrations made by the consecutive impact of the hoofs against the ground regarding the traditional metal horseshoe, and the improvement of hoof health by not using pointed objects into the hoof, reduces the risk of injury and enhances the horse’s performance.

The equine only needs the boots when carrying out an activity over abrasive pavement such as horseback rides, horse training or competition or for the transition between metal horseshoe and barefoot or as a therapy method. The rest of the time the horse must be barefoot in order to recover and improve the hoof’s Quality.

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