Light Therapy

Light therapy - convenient, simple and safe! For professional and private use.

Light therapy offers a gentle way without side effects to help the body heal itself. Nordian uses specific wavelengths of light that are absorbed by a photoacceptor in the mitochondria of the cell. The energy (photons) of the lights increases the energy within the cell, accelerating the healing process. The uses are many:

Pain therapy, Increasing lymphatic activity, Strengthening the immune system, Increasing antiviral properties, Stimulating acupuncture and trigger points, Accelerating cell regeneration, Increasing blood flow, Muscle relaxation and stress reduction, Shortening recovery, Preventing overexertion and injury, Reducing inflammation, Supporting the healing process, Improved collagen production.

Please find more information on light therapy in our journal "Focus on Light Therapy". You can also rent the innovative therapy tools from us.

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