In the beginning was Geronimo  

 In 1992...

In the beginning was Geronimo

In 1992 Geronimo came to Katrin Ehrlich in the stable. Desperate, the trained horsekeeper noticed itching on "Ronny". The vet diagnosed sweet itch and the odyssey began: For years, various remedies were tested, nothing helped satisfactorily and it was simply not possible to put a blanket on this tomboy in the long term.

In 2003, Katrin mixed the first mosquito milk herself, which quickly brought Ronny good relief. In addition, various oils were applied to the tail, mane and belly seam, which in combination had the best effect.

At the same time, the Shetland pony Caroline came to the Ehrlich family for the children Benedikt and Larissa, she turned out to have even worse eczema and itched her belly even while riding. She was also successfully treated with the combination mosquito milk/oil. In the meantime, the self-developed and mixed insect spray became more and more in demand among friends and acquaintances - a name had to be found. In 2006, the time had come and the fly spray was christened "Mückenmilch" (Mosquito Milk). In 2009, the first bottles were officially sold.

Katrin Ehrlich completed her training as an animal healer with a focus on horses at the Scola Animilia, with Barbara Wetteroth in the Odenwald. The 3-year training trained her holistic view and knowledge of natural medicine. The topic of skin diseases remained her focus.

In the following years, new products were added. The aim was always to develop highly effective care products for animals based on purely natural active ingredients.

Relax Biocare promises quality.

All products of the Relax-Biocare brand are characterised by their high effectiveness using purely natural active ingredients. Relax Biocare completely avoids the use of palm and mineral oils as well as artificial colourings. All plant-based raw materials used in the manufacture of the products come from GMO-free cultivation. And with the sole exception of the use of beeswax and propolis in a few products, Relax care products are vegan.

Relax Biocare acts in an ecologically sustainable way.

Relax Biocare places the highest value on the considerate use of natural resources, from the sourcing of raw materials to the shipping of the end products. All our actions are characterised by respect and appreciation for people, animals and the environment, and we strive for climate neutrality certification. Relax only uses packaging made from waste paper and recycled plastics.

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