"Your food shall be your remedy and your...

"Your food shall be your remedy and your remedy shall be your food." - Hippocrates of Kos, 460 ~ 370 BEC

Even the physician Hippocrates knew about the fundamental effects of nutrition on the health of an organism. St. Hippolytus lives every day by this principle, true to their philosophy of "feeding like nature".

Since time immemorial, we have used the power of natural foods to maintain the health of humans and animals. St. Hippolyt adds a number of extensive and diverse components to feeds that are rich in vital substances and naturally support the nutritional value of the feed. These ingredients include various herbs, cold-pressed oils, maize, barley and wheat germ, natural substances from grapes and apples, malt and brewer's yeast, linseed, fennel and black cumin. The recipes are also enriched with marine components such as algae, coral lime and Himalayan salt. Valuable spices and herbs round off the unique recipes.

Feeding like nature. Naturally sound horses. Natural environment. St. Hippolyt's extensive product range offers perfectly tailored and needs-based feed for the horse for all situations in life: whether leisure, breeding or sport horse. The products are known for their conceptual properties.

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