WERNER CHRIST HORSE is a German family-owned...

WERNER CHRIST HORSE is a German family-owned company founded in 1954, specialising in the manufacture of innovative products from high-quality lamb skins and hides. Many years of experience have resulted in a unique know-how in the field of medical tanning to create exceptional skins.

WERNER CHRIST HORSE's demand is to treat its natural raw material and finished products in an ecological and regenerative way. Therefore, the entire manufacturing process is carried out in-house according to strict standards. The factory's own sewage treatment plant, the company's own eucalyptus forest and the efficient, CO2-neutral wood chip combustion plant for the tannery's energy production illustrate the company's philosophy.

WERNER CHRIST HORSE lambskin and leather products are always made with special attention to their durability, with love and care, so that you will enjoy these wellness products for many years to come.